Welcome to the Green Valley Civic Association of Newark, Delaware.

A Message From The Board

Due to the undiminished pandemic and keeping in mind the safety of our volunteers and financial burdens of the times, there will be no campaign for dues year 2020-21 by mail or by door-to-door collections.  Please do not mail dues.  Instead, you may pay through PayPal here.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned!


Green Valley Civic Association aims to improve the lives of everyone in the Green Valley community.


Nextdoor is a neighborhood-oriented social network.  Once you sign up, you’ll see posts from other members of Green Valley (as well as some public service announcements from local agencies).

Sign up at https://nextdoor.com/.

Evergreen Waste Services

We have partnered with Evergreen Waste Services to provide you with the best waste-removal services at the best cost.  The more people that sign up with Evergreen, the better the price that we’ll all receive.

If you have not yet switched to Evergreen, please do so today at http://evergreenws.com/.


You can now pay your dues online through the magic of PayPal.

Dues are $30 per house per year, but you will notice a “shipping” charge.  This charge covers the overhead that we have to pay for the transaction.

Please note: the fiscal year for GVCA begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th.  October 1st, 2020, is the start of the 2021 dues year.

Payments made up to and including August 31st, 2021, will be credited to the 2021 dues year.

When paying your dues, please provide your street number and name under Street address (for example, “123 Main St”). If you’d like to leave any additional information (such as “Dues for 2021 for Mr. Jones”), then please put that under Note.

Pay your dues

Street address


We’ll be updating this information shortly.